Quench: Caipruss

n5MD, 2006

Caipruss cover

Quench is the Funcken brothers’ Autechre-esque persona, so it should come as no surprise that Caipruss is traditional IDM with lots of texture and nuance. On “Slick,” beats and melody intertwine in a processor-intensive dance. “Reap” is dark and dense, with tense strings, panning rattles, and an evil electronic laugh. “Matics” sounds like a Shadow Huntaz instrumental with a duet between bass squelches and piano. The title track is a definite high point with boomy thuds, staticky glitchy beats, and a clock chime break-down.

The Funcken brothers are prolific under a variety of aliases, but their work as a whole has gotten mired in heavy bass. Maybe it’s just the mastering, but I’d love to hear a less muddy sound on their next effort. They seem to be perfectionists about everything else.

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