Spinform: Bryter Tynstanden

Hobby Industries, 2006

Bryter Tynstanden cover

Electronic glitch interference and ghostly Morricone percussion crack usher in a lonely solo piano and heavily phased acoustic guitar as Spinform drops us into the melodically rich and warmly haunted terrain of new long player Bryter Tynstanden.

Spinform is Erik Moller who has recorded for various labels before now. He fields more dance-floor-orientated pieces under the name of Unai for Force Tracks, but this is a different kind of late-night adventure. Recorded in a deserted manor hibernating in the Swedish countryside, this is an easily engaging concoction of abstract folktronica and fragmented atmospheres and a like-minded traveling companion with Leafcutter John’s similarly excellent recent offering.

A ghostly ambience is present throughout. Everything within unfolds in an unhurried pace and the textures sit ornately as glimpses, a wealth of detail hinted at and creeping round corners.

“Lurliv” offers hesitant caresses with a poignant lost humming refrain before being interrupted by fragments of garage rock and a DJ rewind whilst a luscious airbrushed melody gently waves from behind the psychedelic details and rhythmic skitter. Or there is the fractured twang of “Yppersta Utposten” or Fennesz-like sparkle-glitch with melodica undertow of “Framtidsminnen.” The album draws to a close with the broken piano chords and creepy creak of “Det Fanns En Tid” signaling the end of a dream-like journey. Draw the curtains, light a candle and give it another spin….

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