Bogdan Raczynski & Bjork: “Who Is It?”

Shooting Stars & Asteroids Mix

Rephlex, 2005

Rephlex has been so mysterious with this release, I was half-expecting Mantronix. From the spoken introduction on the 12-inch, however, it’s clear this is in fact a Bogdan Raczynski mix of one of the more pop-friendly tracks from Björk’s latest album. (Apparently this version was originally meant for 2001’s Vespertine.) Both sides have the same mix, which begins with pretty electronics over drum and bass beats. On the second half of the track, also introduced by Raczynski (“this is the part where they go into outer space and there’s asteroids and stuff”), Björk’s vocals are distorted, as are the bass-heavy beats. Strings slowly build. This is a cute, fun mix, although it probably could have fit on a 7-inch. Perhaps Rephlex figured this larger format (with a combination of clear and black vinyl) makes for a better collectible.

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  1. this songs been talked about for a number of years but was never heard in a well-realized and well-recorded state, so its definitely worth the type of pressing it is.

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