Chicago House


Ron Hardy

Ron Hardy Part 2

Farley “Jackmaster” Funk Farley “Jackmaster” Funk

Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, 1984-1986

aka Farley Keith

Frankie Knuckles

Frankie Knuckles

Ron Hardy

Ron Hardy


Craig Loftis

Craig Loftis, Renaissance Man

Producer, DJ, sound engineer, and club furniture builder

Liaisons Dangereuses cover

House Roots

A six-part series examining the sonic roots of house music

Rockin’ House logo

Rockin’ House

Rodney Bakerr’s trip from Punk Rock to Acid House

Michael Ezebukwu

Michael Ezebukwu, The Wanderer

DJ at Club LaRay, Rialto Tap, the Clubhouse, and more

Martin “Boogieman” Luna

Boogieman in the Mix

Martin “Boogieman” Luna

Bill Hardy

Memories of Ron Hardy

Ron’s nephew, Bill, owner of Partehardy Records

Chip E.

If You Only Knew (Chip E.)

“The Godfather of House”

Vince Lawrence Leonard “Remix” Rroy

Leonard “Remix” Rroy, Chicago’s Unsung House DJ

The Rink Zone DJ who says he invented the phrase “house music”

Frank Youngwerth

Carpe Diem: The Story of Viola Da Gamba

Frank Youngwerth on his label

Jamal Moss

A VIsitor From SOmeone Else’s Memories

A conversation with Hieroglyphic Being (Jamal Moss)

Merwyn Sanders

Merwyn Sanders

Co-creator of Virgo Four and M. E.

Stacey Collins

VERB on The Muzic Box

Stacey Collins started working security at The Muzic Box in 1983

Chicago skyline

Chicago House Labels

A list of labels active 1984-1992

Altered States label

Strings of Life

A Chicago deep house top ten

Liner Notes

Let’s Dance Records cover Let’s Dance Records cover Kstarke Records cover Acid Thunder cover Bang the Box! cover Kill Yourself Dancing cover