Vladislav Delay: The Four Quarters

Huume, 2005

The Four Quarters cover

On this hour-long album, Vladislav Delay returns to the ambient “clicks and cuts” style of his days on the Chain Reaction label. These slow, moody pieces invite introspection. In the first quarter, plodding notes emerge and subside. In between lie soft murmurs of bass. The second quarter starts off more abstract. Voices surface towards the end, then soft synths segue into part three. The third quarter is sparse and echoey. It reminds me of sounds in an empty school, of distant footsteps and rustling papers. The fourth quarter has long, treble drones. A metronome pulses part-way through, then a shuffling beat and burbling bassline start around the ten-minute mark. This four-movement composition is like a painting, with daubs of sound on a spacious canvas. Or perhaps it’s more like walking through a gallery, exploring different sound sources in an architectural space. Vladislav Delay’s attention to detail makes for a deep yet relaxing listening experience.

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