Mouse on Mars: Niun Niggung

Sonig/Thrill Jockey, 1999

Niun Niggung cover

There’s much wackiness in Mouse on Mars’ latest LP, Niun Niggung. Unsettling, noisy electronics bubble up from acoustic drums, bass, and brass. On “Yippie,” a trumpet blurts out an appealing tune over ticklish percussion and the occasional arrangement of strings. “Pinwheel Herman” sounds almost Plaid-esque with cheery, chirpy synths and a crunchy beat. This LP would make a good soundtrack for a bicycle courier. Frantic chunks of speedy sound bracket soft, familiar melodies. Just when the stress of traffic begins to build, Mouse on Mars crests a hill and offers a view of refreshing beauty. Track down the European version if possible. It has a better tracklist.

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