Miles Tilmann: Yes & No

Consumers Research and Development, 2006

Yes & No cover

While Tilmann has a number of singles and EPs under his belt, this is his first full-length release. Brief ambient interludes introduce a variety of dance tracks. On “Ricochet,” an electro bassline dominates broken beats and a simple melody. “Deeps” is aptly named, with dark, pure electronics. I previously covered the single “Xenon.” It’s certainly the high-point of the album despite its low BPM. “Verticals” is a hard, percussion-based track which would fit right in beside early 808 State. “Glass Spider” is melodic and glitchy and all too brief. In fact, most of these tracks would benefit from an extra minute or two. That said, this is still a fun album. Tilmann has a knack for presenting retro sounds in a new light.

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