Monolake: Plumbicon Versions

ml/i, 2006

Plumbicon Versions cover

This CD compiles five remixes of “Plumbicon” off the Polygon_Cities album. (Four of them were previously released on vinyl.) First up is a live performance recorded in Osaka, Japan. Henke rearranges his track on the fly, letting its video game bleeps echo and cascade. Next, the much acclaimed Sleeparchive provides an interpretation. I find most of his solo work too simplistic, but he effectively strips “Plumbicon” down to its dance bones. The style reminds me of early Plastikman. There’s a brief intermission half-way through, after which reverb takes center stage. A male voice states, “Mono.”

The Rebreather mix is a real departure from the original version’s minimal techno. Slow, ambient synths reframe Henke’s sounds, placing them in an IDM soundscape. Deadbeat’s remix is a pleasant surprise. He adds dubby bass and understated synth swells. Finally, “Plumbicon Epilogue” is ten minutes of subdued bonus beats and bleeps. It sounds like an electronic rain storm. Listeners may not want to hear all of the “Plumbicon” versions straight-through, but I applaud Henke for releasing these mixes on CD. This EP will please DJs and home listeners alike.

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