Malcom Kipe: Lit

Merck, 2005

Lit cover

Lit is Kipe’s second full-length release of hip-hop breakbeats this year. Some of the tracks are pretty out there. On “Mute (Mansvent Remix),” sci-fi samples and exotic singing make for a trippy journey. “Off the Joint” features funk record scratching, synthesizers, and beat claps. Vocoder and a monstrous bassline are used to good effect, but I wish the track was longer. “Chicago Funk” starts strong with grunting vocals, but gets a tad muddled when rattling bleeps and creepy synths kick in. The last cut, “Mystery Child,” is a gorgeous melodic effort with catchy samples and a soulful feel.

Not all of the cuts here work. A few are little better than loops, and Kipe occasionally combines elements that don’t quite click. Nonetheless, there are definitely funky and jazzy moments. Breakspiracy Theories was an amazing debut, with lots more scratching and samples. Lit is more subtle, but it’s still a fun record.

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