Gescom: The Sounds of Machines Our Parents Used

Gescom, 2005

One of Gescom’s best 12-inches, previously released on Clear in 1995 but long out of print, The Sounds of Machines Our Parents Used is now available in MP3 or FLAC format through Bleep. The stand-out track is the fourteen-minute epic “Puzl.” Gescom (Autechre and friends) combine electro glissandos with crunchy Chiastic Slide beats and sweeping, dramatic synths. “Go Sumo” actually sounds more dated with a simple, repeating melody of treble pitch bends. “Go Sheep” is another classic, with squelchy analogue keyboard jazz over a snare beat. It’s been easier to acquire, however, having appeared on a couple of Clear compilations.

Also newly reissued is Michael Fakesch’s Demon1 with an early Boards of Canada mix. Here’s hoping for more re-releases of rare, vinyl-only IDM classics.

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  1. I almost forgot, Warp recently re-released AFX’s Hangable Auto Bulb as well!

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