Kone-R: “Knob”/”It’s Been Weeks Now”

Uncharted Audio, 2005

“Knob”/”I’m Dubious” cover

This 7-inch is the debut of Uncharted Audio’s co-founder, who appeared on the out-of-print Ai compilation Leisure. “Knob” is a great retro-sounding cut with modulated analogue synths hearkening back to the early days of Warp. I’d love to hear a longer mix. “I’m Dubious,” also crammed onto side A, is a beatless, pretty interlude. On the flip side, “It’s Been Weeks Now (Version)” has waves of sugary electronics over speedy percussion distorted into static. These tracks are further evidence of the wonderful sounds coming out of London these days. I truly believe the genre-defining LE:01 compilation signals a resurgence of melodic electronic music.

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