Funckarma: Sploid

Binary Dilemma, 2007

Splid cover

The IDM revival continues with a new record from Funckarma. “Comply” builds slowly and satisfyingly, with twirling treble and a broken beat. The bass is used sparingly but to good effect. Synth bits near the end sound like little alien creatures, reminding me of Kenny Larkin’s “Lifeforms.” “Raides” has more of a modern electro feel, with panning 303-like squelches and even a little tape flutter. The title track is complex, with pieces of melody and plenty of bass. “Ymadyn” begins with emphasis on the beats. Mid-way through delicate synthesizers take over, then an acid line kicks in. Somehow the three disparate elements work well together. While I wouldn’t characterize this EP as ground-breaking, it certainly is solid and enjoyable.

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