Freescha: Whats Come Inside of You

Attacknine, 2003

What’s Come Inside of You cover

Freescha’s new album sounds like a collection of ’80s synthpop sans vocals. Occasionally there are voice-like instruments (or heavily distorted voices—it’s hard to tell), but the focus is definitely Human League-era melodies and aesthetics. And the cover art matches perfectly.

This isn’t just a concept album. These themes are a continuation of Freescha’s previous releases. It’s as though this Californian duo is fleshing out an alternate universe where synthpop still rules. And I can’t get their tunes out of my head.

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  1. This album is excellent. The fold out insert art is amazing!!!! Definetly an 80’s thing going on with some cool vocoder action.

  2. One of the most beautifully crafted electronic albums I’ve heard in awhile… I’m not concerned with 80’s nostalgia, and don’t find any need to apply to freescha… good music is good music.

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