EdIT: Crying Over Pros for No Reason

Planet Mu, 2004

Crying Over Pros for No Reason cover

The Planet Mu label enlarges its roster with a record that will make many realize electronic music has a hot, beating heart. It is not only the acoustic guitar seductively basting the instrumental hip-hop sequences (reinvented not long ago by Scott Herren), it’s calming them down, reading them slower, interpreting them better. An insect in slow-mo deconstruction moving its legs on a parched speaker freezes in time. The melody emerges clearer than Herren’s, but the same weapons are used to crystallize and build a discourse from leftovers, decontextualizing, recycling the sound itself. edIT shows how to warm the blood of technological music scissoring his way thru the math of sound. He hasn’t discovered new worlds, but has certainly blazed a trail to a place I’d like to visit again.

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  1. Fuckin ace!!

  2. Quite incredible, this chap is a certified genius.

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