Arctic Hospital: Neon Veils

Lantern, 2008

Neon Veils cover

Arctic Hospital’s first album had a precise, cold elegance. His follow-up is more minimal than tech-house, and it suffers as a result. “Sunset Circle” contains a glitchy loop of vocal samples, but it feels repetitious. I only like the ambient outro. “Encompass” and “Stepping Back” are somehow busy and empty all at once. The sounds are too familiar.

“Placement By Air” and “Neon Seven” are dry and crisp in their own ways, but both seem indistinct, superficial, and clubby. “At Random” is more dubby, but it already sounds dated. “In Your Image” feels like a nineties Euro-techno compilation track. “Night Carrier” dissolves into a jumble of digital refuse.

I have to admit, I’m disappointed by this release. Arctic Hospital certainly has technical skill, but his style seems to follow dance trends rather than a personal vision. I would love to hear him explore music with more depth.

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