Andrew Pekler: Station to Station

~scape, 2002

Station to Station cover

Andrew Pekler’s taking the clicks and cuts genre to a whole new level. There are definitely dub and house influences here, but there’s also a jazzy feel unprecedented among the Pole crowd. In fact some of these tracks are built around improvised performances, morphing into grooves that are downright funky. “Tubular Hells Bells” progresses from one breakdown to the next, with a driving bass pulse helping it along. When the vibes kick in, I’m reminded of Mike Paradinas’ early meldings of techno and jazz. “Station to Station” burbles along for nearly three minutes before the melody surfaces and beats pick up the pace. “Manchild” is another highlight, with electronics layered over upright bass by Akiro Ando and saxophone by Elliott Levin. Somehow all of these compositions manage to be incredibly atmospheric. Even when there are dance-floor-worthy beats, there’s some kind of deep lo-fi reverb going on that keeps the head happy.

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