Random Logic: Numrebs

Tehnika, 2001

Numrebs cover

I was first introduced to Slovenian minimal techno thanks to the Tehnika 1 comp. Random Logic is one of the stand-out artists from that collection, and Numrebs is their first full-length release. These tracks are straight-forward, quality techno. “Thrid” is a longer version of “Third” from Tehnika 1. Although it doesn’t benefit much from the extra minute, it’s still a very pleasing composition. I love how the beats, bass, and static stick together. “Shitx, Frist” is a little less subtle. There just isn’t enough texture on this one to hold my concentration for long. Thankfully from here on out things get more interesting. “Thevens” is so minimal it reminds me of Richie Hawtin’s Concept series. A series of syncopated synths wash over a clicky beat. “Thent” is the ghost of percussion. If only it were longer.

Tracks that are broken down this far have an amazing duality. Their simplicity makes them both danceable and hynotic—perfect for a club or for headphone listening. If the textures aren’t interesting, such repetition can become annoying, but if they’re just right, ten minutes can fly by. Most of the tracks on this album are right on the mark.

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