Yunx: In the Heat of the Night

Ai, 2005

In the Heat of the Night cover

I’ve been following Yunx since their days on the CD-R label Pitchcadet, so I know Law and Taberner have been creating fun electronic music for years. This LP is a tribute to their influences: from the catchy, funky disco of “Dis Go Funk Ur Ass” (which is oh so easy to drop into a DJ set) to “Only Way Back (Is to Walk)” which uses the bassline from Adonis’ “No Way Back.” There are echoes of The Black Dog and other Artificial Intelligence-era artists here as well. Yunx have never stood out for their experimentation. Instead, they continue to compose quality electronic music in the tradition of the early ’90s. Their dedication to melody and groove transcends trends in software and hardware, which is how it should be.

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