Jus Allah: All Fates Have Changed

Babygrande, 2005

All Fates Have Changed cover

Jus Allah, best known for his association with Jedi Mind Tricks, released his first solo album last month. There are a handful of good cuts, but the LP is marred by uneven production and crude lyrics. The high point is “Pool of Blood” with a guest spot by GZA/Genius. Scratched samples and grimy verses make for a quintessential horrorcore track. Jus growls, “I keep chunks of flesh underneath my claws.” “Hell Razors” featuring Evil Dead is similarly dark and clammy, with bloody verses over an ominous break.

Unfortunately, poor production and absurdly violent lyrics make for some seriously weak tracks. On “Supreme,” Jus goes on a homophobic rant over irritating high-pitched electronics. Thankfully the “Black God’s Remix” drops the offending verse and adds some sweet scratching. “Tomorrow” is a cheesy guitar loop over a feeble beat. The hook is just embarrassing. Even Lord Jamar can’t make up for the silly guitar sample on “Important Shit.” “G-O-D” sounds like it was composed on a cheap Kmart keyboard. This CD might be worth copping for those who missed the 12-inches, but it’s a disappointment for anyone seeking a solid album.

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  1. Fuckin’ sick great album

  2. Jus Allah is the fucking greatest rapper alive!

  3. JUS A-mothafuckin-llah is absolutely nuts…great fuckin album

  4. Good album over all. Beats are weak at times, but at the same time amusing. The lyrics are fucking ILL, but needs a vet like Vinnie Paz to help him polish the shit up – Imagine how sick this shit would be over some Stoupe beats!
    JMT need to combine with mr. Allah once more.

  5. Supakid aka Irfaan

    Jus Allah is ill.
    he dope ass muhfucker…
    He have ill lyrics and should be makin more shit especially wit Armys of the pharaohs..Allah should have stayed wit JMT.they the gods of raps!

  6. The beats are wack and all dudes guest appearances are pretty much wack. But every verse that Jus Allah spits is tight, dudes a lyrical genius.
    But he needs to do is get back with that nigga stoupe, because Agallah or what ever his name is can’t produce worth shit.
    Jus Allah shouldn’t of called Stoupe gay, now he may never get to spit on a tight beat again.

  7. i agree, that jus allah should have remained with JMT, production for all fates have changed wasnt wack, just not as sick as everyone is used to hearing Jus Allah kill, and even if he went back to rockin stoupe productions it would be wack, cause stoupe fell off after violent by design, i still think VBD is the best album ever released.

  8. Mastermind The Lyrical Hologram

    Jus Allah is stupid to make beef with JMT.
    He’s lucky to be allowed back to jmt once again.
    His lyrics were tight on most places. beats were alright, guest appearences are wack as hell. Even GZA was wack.
    Jus Allah fucked himself over.

  9. whoever reviewed this album is wrong. this is not his first solo cd…his first solo cd was “White Nightmare”. this cd is pretty rare/underground…however it is better than All fates have changed…thats for sure. and mastermind….wat makes you think jus is going back to jmt? i read a recent interview with vinnie…and hes still doggin on jus allah…so no there beef is not over. and if you think these lyrics are sick….you need to listen to violent by design/white nightmare. that is jus allah in his prime…and those lyrics outshine the lyrics on AFHC ANYDAY!

  10. The cd sucks hella balls

  11. If I was rating/grading this lp I would give it a B-. It was decent. The production, which was primarily done by Agallah (8off da assassin), was kind of dope but at times it didn’t fit Jus Allah’s style and content of his lyrics. Also, Jus Allah’s lyrical content was the same on every track. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t far from a lyrical genius, just hearing the same shit gets redundant. Go cop the shit…it’s worth it.

  12. Jus Allah came at it off the hook with this album. Lyrics that hit hard an precise. The only beat I was really fealing was Chessking, one of this sickest fuckin tracks ever produced till this day hands down, it’ll make you want to piss your pants.

  13. JUS ALLAH IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE! END OF STORY!!!…this mu’fucka is jus’ .. jus’allah! OMG “white nightmare” & “chess king” is THA’ REAL SHIT! NOBODY GOT SHIT ON HIM..NOBODY!!!!!
    “my stomic got young dead orfens in it”
    “i eat from trash cans at abortion-clinics” JUS ALLAH is RAWWWWW AS GOLD!!!!!!

  14. Jus Allah is one of the best rappers ever.
    His dark, dirty sound, similar voice and incredible lyrics make this a must-have CD.
    “Who the fuck drank my blood? I have to write my name on my jug / It’s the only thing I crave when I wanna unplug”
    “There ain’t a graveyard we can’t spruce up / we’ll need a bigger space in two months / filled with mutherfuckers that you knew once”
    Important Shit, Porno-Flick Bitches, track two, Can’t Sleep, Chess King, Supreme, White Nightmare, Severed and Split, and the two remixes are ALL AWESOME TRACKS.

  15. Green Egg Crab Whacka

    Kickass tunes, ya wants ta jet an’ kill peeps afta listening. I just
    might do dat afta I smoke up dis here afternoon. Dig?

  16. jus allah is usually pretty ill but this album is pretty wack. mixing was terrible, and while allah’s lyrics hit hard on occasion, for the most part they’re not memorable since they all resemble each other – “i’m the illest,” “fuck fags,” gross thing X or Y.
    illest lyric: “and my door’s wide open for anybody that wants some / but i don’t even live inside a house i haunt one!
    speaking of which, all the ill tracks on this are from white nightmare – chess king, white nightmare, etc. so it’s not like he wrote any of these for all fates have changed. cat needs to move on.
    jus allah’s lyrics will never be as ill as when they were backed by stoupe from JMT, PERIOD.

  17. the bonus trackis on the album were ill, but besides the song with evil dead the album was lacking in creativity, i found jus allahs rugged style voice not to be well used in this album i like how he changed his voice to be more low pitched then when he was in jedi but when he makes it the same and rugged it is just not the same as the classic jus allah he should go back to his old style then he would be bangin.

  18. needs vinnie.

  19. Album was ill, production was dope as, and the lyrics were sick and complex.
    Needs to get back with Jedi Mind, but for now this is ill.

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