Venetian Snares: Infolepsy

Coredump, 2004

Infolepsy cover

After his disappointing Horse and Goat EP, I was beginning to wonder if Funk’s prolificness was taking a toll. But this EP takes off where Chocolate Wheelchair left off, with brutal drill and bass and plenty of cheesy samples. From the exuberantly brief “Twelve,” with counting a la Sesame Street, to the painful noises of “Where’s Bill,” this is an audio attack that will leave you breathless. On “Americanized,” kook Francis E. Dec rants against “gangster Frankenstein controls” from the “communist gangster government,” while beats pound in quick succession. Likewise on “Punishing2004 ft. MC Skm,” a deep, mysterious voice claims, “I am punishing the atoms. I am making an example of them,” while distorted percussive madness skitters and rattles. This EP is a great example of Venetian Snares’ no-holds-barred, enthusiastic style. More, please.

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  1. Yes, this is in the pantheon. At the absolute toooooop!
    There’s more no-holds-barred shit coming from Sublight next January.

  2. I buy the Infolepsy at the usa import in Antwerp,my favorite is amerikanized,after the sample “inside” there comes a nice superheavy Bassdrum on that it’s blow the speakers to mush!Check me alos on profile)….

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