The Ring Craft Posse: St. Catherine in Dub 1972-1984

Moll-Selekta, 2004

St. Catherine in Dub 1972-1984 cover

Out of all of the Moll-Selekta reissues thus far, this is my favorite. It’s a compilation of instrumental versions produced by Blackbeard and played by The Ring Craft Posse. The dubs are slickly produced and expertly remastered. “Harvey Meade” offers up a killer bassline with bizarre electronic whoops to accentuate the rhythm. “Waterford” is another distinctive one, with catchy harmonica echoed in reverb from Blackbeard’s mixing board. Finally, “Bridge Port” is the most up-tempo dub I’ve ever heard. It sounds like a precursor to drum ’n’ bass. I can’t recommend this release highly enough. The studio effects can be subtle, but careful listening reveals a jazzy playfulness. There are some really strange combinations of sounds here, and I like them all.

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