The Primeridian: Da Allnighta

All Natural, 2005

Da Allnighta cover

The Primeridian are Chicago rappers Tree Tha Scarecrow and See-Me-On. This is their second album, but their first (Meet You in Greenwhich) is unfortunately out of print. Da Allnighta is a treat with creative lyrics, smooth flow, and jazzy production featuring lots of live instruments. On the soulful, upbeat “Floatin‘” trippy guitar and warm bass underscore abstract, evocative verses. “Smoke Signals” starts with a beatbox (DJ Norm?), then adds reggae toasting courtesy of GQ Da Teacher. The Primeridian’s production is inspired, combining a piano loop with a Klaxon.

The first single, “Trumpets of Zion,” is jazzy and mellow despite sounding a bit cluttered. “Pose to Do” is another highlight, with a ’60s lounge feel and French phrases. On “Tatuduhendi (Boogie Man)” Tree tells his story: “I was conceived at a protest against nuclear arms;/make love not war, that’s my freedom song.” Another highlight is the lighthearted “From the Go” which combines wordplay with turntablism. These guys are creative rhymers, though their conscious lyrics are seldom controversial. Sometimes the vocals tend to blend into the beats, but the production is so smooth I don’t mind. This is one of the prettiest hip-hop albums I’ve ever heard, and that’s meant as a compliment.

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