Various: Tehnika 1

Tehnika, 2001

Tehnika cover

This overview of the Slovenian techno scene, compiled by Laibach member Ivan Novak, is a follow-up to Elektrontehnika Slavenika, a compilation for subscribers to The Wire. Tehnika 1 is a surprisingly cohesive compilation of minimalist beats reminiscent of Basic Channel. On these tracks, atmospheric electronic burbles swirl over unrelenting four-on-the-floor percussion. One of many highpoints is Amderma’s “Peek,” with syncopated synth stabs and a throbbing bassline. This is the direction Orbital should have taken. One of the few let-downs is “Burundi Mao” by Virtual Voodoo. It sounds like one of those empty German goa cuts from a ZYX comp. Thankfully the Savinto “Megamix” signals a return to dark, atmospheric pulsing purity. “Niglijana” by Octex reminds me of one of Plastikman’s hypnotic epics. This is the kind of cold, robotic techno I really enjoy these days. The Tehnika 1 packaging is also quite pleasing, with ephemeral transparencies resembling X-rays. I can’t wait to hear more from this Nika sub-label.

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