Richie Weeks: The Love Magician Archives

Disco – New York City 1978-79. Vol.1

Richie Weeks: The Love Magician Archives cover

Bronx-born disco luminary Richie Weeks is best known for his 1981 dance hit “Rock Your World (Joho, Joho)” and his group The Jammers, but Weeks is a prolific singer, songwriter, and producer. Between 1977 and 1979, disco legend Patrick Adams installed Weeks in the studio and sent him a series of talented musicians and singers, including Leroy Burgess and Tanyayette Willoughby.

In 2019, Jerome Derradji signed Weeks to Past Due Records, after which Weeks revealed an incredible trove of 300 unreleased tracks. Over the past three years, Derradji has been transferring, cataloguing, and remastering the collection with the intent of releasing at least 10 volumes. The recordings capture a pivotal period of New York disco history when boogie-funk reached its pinnacle. In addition to writing and singing, Weeks played guitar and keys and created his own mix-downs. Early in his career, Weeks sang in soul vocal groups, DJed parties, and promoted local shows. His party approach to music shines through all of his work.

The Love Magician Archives – Disco – New York City 1978-79 is slated for release September 19, 2022 with release notes by yours truly and artwork by Al “Million Dollar Disco” Kent. For more information, get in touch with Still Music Chicago.

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