Prefuse 73: One Word Extinguisher

Warp, 2003

One Word Extinguisher cover

One Word Extinguisher is another Scott Herren masterpiece. After an unremarkable EP, Herren returns to form with his second hard-hitting album of choppy soundscapes. Combining cut-up collage with the bravado of a hip-hop megamixer, Herren’s Prefuse 73 persona rips up any sound system. Once again the mastering is (purposely?) punchy. “The End of Biters—International” sets the tone (“If you see a sucker cut ’em, don’t like perpetrators”) with snares galore and gritty scratching. From there the LP flows into Diverse’s tightly-packed rhymes. By the time Herren breaks it down with “Uprock and Invigorate’s” thick basslines, it’s clear he could be a master DJ. Few artists get me as excited at the blending of electronics and hip-hop.

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