Plaid: Rest Proof Clockwork

Warp/Nothing, 1999

Rest Proof Clockwork cover

Which came first, Rest Proof Clockwork’s cover art or its music? The image of a little monkey playing a phonograph certainly coincides with the playful mood of this Plaid album. I picture the little critter watching a record spin as intoxicating hip-hop beats and sweet, simple melodies emerge from bass-heavy speakers. And when did Warp’s artists get so good at scratching? Plaid’s laid down some definite funk among electronic and even symphonic rambles. Other than a couple of dark, muddy tracks and a cute interlude or two that break the flow of this LP, Rest Proof is a fine collection of smooth, happy grooves. I, for one, am glad Plaid’s continuing its melodic quest to bring hip-hop beats and electronic bleeps back together.

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