Octex: Variations

rx:tx, 2005

Variations cover

Three years since Octex’s debut, the hypnotic, minimal Idei Lahesna on Tehnika, he’s back with Variations. This time Slovenian DJ Jernej Marusic experiments with slower, shorter tracks. “Indrop” is very Autechre-esque, with deep bass pulses and clumps of beats. “Blent” has a hip-hop feel, complete with an occasional “Yo!” sample. Sweeps of reverb muddle it up a bit. On “Elvolv” dubby crackles and faux vinyl scratching accompany two thrumming notes. “Vertin” is even deeper, with reverb and bass reminiscent of Pole.

Many of these tracks are repetitive in structure even while their instrumentation seems complex. As signalled by its title, this album isn’t as cohesive as the last. Octex shows an amazing grasp of musical styles, but he’s still developing his own voice. He has a lot of skill, so I hope his releases become more frequent.

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