Obadia: Where Does Dust Come From EP

Autres Directions in Music, 2005

Obadia: Where Does Dust Come From EP cover

This 20-minute EP (meant to be burned on 3″ CD or a 5″ including video) is a fascinating glimpse of a larger body of recordings made by Obadia between Apr. 1998 and Dec. 2003. The first track, “Don’t Forget to Be Late” sounds a little like Mouse on Mars, combining acoustic guitar and horns with melodic electronics. “Lounge” is noisier fare, with distorted beats, repetitive fragments, and vocal samples. It’s too bad it ends after a mere two minutes. A remix, “Wickedlounge,” is even more fragmented. The funky “Crooked Grind Variation” makes further use of computer-manipulated guitar and brief horn samples. Finally, “Den Saknade Gitarren” sounds like a folk song caught in a broken tape machine. This is a catchy little EP. I don’t hear enough music in this style. As with all ADiM releases, this one can be freely downloaded.

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