Intrusion: The Seduction of Silence [single]

Intrusion, 2009

The Seduction of Silence cover

This vinyl EP, limited to 500 smokey color copies, precedes an album of the same name, an early version of which I reviewed over the summer. “Seduction” is a spaced-out, moody exploration of surface noise dub. As a hum drones, a simple bassline marches. Chords slowly cascade, and a clap glitches in. “Silence” is short but sweet, with warm analogue synthesizer chords and eerie echoes.

“Seduction (cv313 Morning Dub)” is a lovely, mellow, slow-building track. The bassline, completely different from the original, sounds slightly house, but the congas lend a ghostly, hypnotic feel. As volume builds, so does echo. Hitchell is at his best here.

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