Innerstance.Beatbox: Your Eyes Are Like UFOs, My Darling

Consumers Research and Development, 2005

Your Eyes Are Like UFOs, My Darling cover

Innerstance.Beatbox reminds me of The Herbaliser, but he’s even funkier! On “Think Again,” soul snippets stutter to a Dabrye-like bassline (which later turns squelchy). “Hi-Sci” has harp glissandos over thick synth-funk. It’s a joyous track that reveals crackly samples at the end. My favorite cut (besides Hazardous Materials stomper “Helium Disco”) is the hip-hop-heavy “This Is the Power.” Scratches spice up a simple vibes loop and catchy bassline for four glorious minutes. Despite all my comparisons to other artists, this music isn’t derivative. In fact, it’s a real treat.

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