Funckarma: Elaztiq Bourbon 5

Sending Orbs, 2005

Elaztiq Bourbon 5 cover

This album compiles three of Funckarma’s vinyl-only EPs, Elaztiq (Neo Ouija, 2002), Bourbon Sounds (Delikatessen, 2002), and Part 5 (Dub, 2003). First up is “Noir,” a brooding, beat-heavy piece reminiscent of Autechre’s Anti EP. Notes slowly flow beneath noisy percussion, suggesting a glacial beauty. “Strip” and “Pipe” both have pretty sounds, but the electronics meander without much melody. “Sphere” is much more interesting, with notes warping into space over soft percussion and delicate chimes. Other highlights are “Brik,” which feels slightly jazzy, and “Dredge,” which places a heavy emphasis on beats before forming a subtle melody. Some of these compositions fall into the “noodling IDM” trap, but they’re so carefully constructed and complexly detailed I can forgive the abstraction. Hearing these cuts in a different order with improved sound quality is actually a revelation. It’s definitely been too long since Funckarma’s last real release!

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