Delarosa and Asora: Agony Part 1

Schematic, 2000

Schematic’s had quite a few hits recently. This Delarosa and Asora LP’s one funky record. “Wooden Toe” mixes clickings and clackings with a rolling bassline. “Swipe Width” starts with obligatory pops of vinyl and distant voices before morphing into a rare tech-hop anthem featuring chopped-up rap vocals swirling among above-average “DSP wankery.” I’m really getting into Chocolate Industry and Schematic’s hybrid artists. Scott Herren (aka Delarosa and Asora, aka Prefuse 73, aka Savath & Savalas) is especially good at burying sweet melodies within thick layers of hip-hop and electronics. I think one has to be in a certain laid-back mindset to truly appreciate this music—I’ve occasionally found it to miss the mark while I’m at work. This is definitely a release reserved for after-hours listening.

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