Ester Brinkmann: Der Ubersetzer Il Traduttore

Supposé, 2001

Der Ubersetzer Il Traduttore cover

This album is the third part of a trilogy Thomas Brinkmann recorded under his late sister’s name. All three releases are minimalist experiments combining voices and electronics. This album is even more discordant and minimal than the rest, relying heavily on disembodied male voices repeating phrases over the occasional mechanical burble. The voices, by Jannis Kounellis and translator Edward Winklhofer, are almost in conversation with each other, but there is obviously no connection. It’s as if the speaker is talking at himself, trying to maintain his sanity as machines in the background attack. Occasionally the electronics swirl into sweet harmonies. These albums take juxtaposition to the extreme, making for satisfyingly cerebral listens.

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