Christ.: Pylonesque

Benbecula, 2002

Pylonesque cover

Christ. (with a period) is a Scottish musician with a writing credit on Boards of Canada’s Twoism EP (which Warp Records is about to re-release). There are definitely similarities to BoC’s current sound. On “Dream of the Endless,” soft, textured beats support a sweet, subtle melody. The title track basks in analogue warmth and is one of the most gorgeous compositions I’ve heard in quite some time. “Fantastic Light” is more bass-heavy, with little glisandos reminiscent of those on BoC’s “An Eagle in Your Mind.” “Perlandine Friday,” on the other hand is upbeat and airy, with layers of rich synths. Finally, “Absolom (For Lucy)” is a fittingly low-key outro, although the samples of children’s voices are pretty clichéd.

I highly recommend this EP. A lot of artists these days are inspired by Boards of Canada’s sound, but very few can claim to have helped shape it. This EP is worth getting for its title track alone.

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