Yagya: Rigning

Sending Orbs, 2008

Rigning cover

Yagya’s new album is better than his last. While his style has been called dub techno, the best tracks have strong melodies.

The first few compositions sink into the background with simple basslines and gentle ambient sounds. “Rigning Fimm” is the first one to really grab me. It begins with a strange crackling, like freezing rain on a skylight. Pulsing bass and melancholy synths accompany the echo of voices as the song builds and withdraws. “Rigning Sex” has a similar bassline, but with a sweeter, more prominent melody. It’s my favorite track here. “Rigning Tíu” is a bittersweet goodbye. It has a cinematic quality, and in fact I can imagine it over end credits.

This is one of those albums that is incredibly relaxing if you’re in the right mood. The tracks are all variations on a theme, with the same simple elements like threads in a tapestry. Actually, a watercolor is probably a better metaphor, with muted colors bleeding together to form a rainy cityscape.

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  1. yep, if you like deepchord, model 500, seductions of silence, murmur, quantec, basic channel, mikkel metal’s later stuff – you’re apt to go ape dodo over this one. a more melodic pacing and sweeping crescendos. i’m not sure i used that word correctly but just get this and get caught up. you won’t hate i promise.

  2. Really enjoyed this release. Very much compliments Yagya’s 2006 Will I Dream During the Process? If you like it, make sure to pick up the 2009 release from Intrusion’s The Seduction of Silence (echospace). HC.

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