Venetian Snares: Meathole

Planet Mu, 2005

Meathole cover

Venetian Snares junkies should rejoice at the sight of this new fix by the name of Meathole. Aaron Funk’s music is highly addictive, and though after more than ten releases his output is starting to wear a little thin on the surprise department, like any heavy user worthy of the name knows, it’s not novelty (that old electronic music selling/acceptance ploy) that keeps a habit, but the sweet intricacies of the old revisited as new.

For the Snares addict, Meathole will have the effects of a Doll Doll Doll fix with the aftertaste of a Rossz Csillag Alatt Született spliff.

There’s novelty in some of the tracks’ endings as they are reduced to basic bit capacity, to their noisy core, and segue into more abstract, beatless alleys.

If you’re already a user you’ll be delighted. If you are not familiar with the substance, take a hit for a bold experience.

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  1. I’m a heavy user. As with most substances, with this Snares drug the more hits you take the better the high.

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