Terrence Dixon: Train of Thought

Yore, 2007

Train of Thought cover

Train of Thought is a flawed work, but one with several moments of genius. While cuts like “Twilight” and “Splendor” are somewhat boring in their minimalism, “Awaken” and “Relent” boggle the mind with crazy basslines. The best track, “Links,” is pure magic with sudden vibraphone runs in 2:4 or 3:4 time over a nerve-wracking buzz. (Good luck warping that in Ableton Live!)

Detroit artist Terrence Dixon is known for his Population One releases on Metroplex and for collaborating with Juan Atkins on Skynet. “A Game Called War” is another great example of his willingness to experiment. The song breaks apart with electronic cannon throughout, the perfect signal that Dixon is starting a new phase in his already impressive career.

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