Secede: Vega Libre

Sending Orbs, 2006

Vega Libre cover

Secede’s second full-length for Sending Orbs is richer than the last. The sounds are fuller and more complex. The title track gets into a real groove, with a wide variety of sounds swirling about. “Vega Libre: The Citadel” reminds me of The Orb, with radio samples over dubby ambience. Then a squelchy synth line blurts. “Vega Libre: The Marvel” follows the same structure, with echoes and voices leading to a thick, building bassline. “Vega Libre: Entering Next” is a lush, ecstatic track with vocals by Phinx. Many of these cuts remind me of European electronic music in the late nineties, when the sounds were warmer and artists weren’t ashamed to lay it on thick. This is icing on a delicious electronic cake.

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