Rhythm & Sound: “Aground”

Rhythm & Sound, 2002

“Aground” cover

The guys behind Basic Channel have taken to releasing amazing vocal dub 10-inches on the Burial Mix label, while releasing more meditative instrumental 12-inches on Rhythm & Sound. This is the first release on the latter imprint since a CD compilation of previously vinyl-only material a while back. And this latest 12-inch is as excellent as its predecessors. “Aground” is one of those tracks where you can never tell if you’re playing it at the proper speed. It’s slow and heavy, with a plodding bassline and lots of reverbed noises. On the flip side, “Aerial” is full of background noise, its bassline tame in comparison to other Rhthym & Sound tracks. Soft voices occasionally hum along to the beat, forming a ghostly chant. My only complaint—my copy is pressed on light-weight vinyl.

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