Nicole Mitchell and Moor Mother: Offering – Live at Le Guess Who

Nicole Mitchell and Moor Mother: Offering cover

Self-release, 2020

Philadelphia artist Moor Mother (Camae Ayewa) warps time and affirms space with her spoken word poetry and free-form synthesizer playing. “Offering – Live at Le Guess Who” captures a collaboration with composer, flautist, and AACM member Nicole Mitchell recorded in November 2018. Both artists bend electronics–synthesizers whoop, clatter, and alarm. Ayewa speaks of hawks circling, vultures laughing, a robot pointing. Mitchell’s flute floats, warbles, and screams.

I’ve immersed myself in this 46-minute performance three times now. Each listen pulls me deeper into a world all its own. On the 22-minute final piece, “Prototype Eve,” especially, all of Mitchell and Ayewa’s improvised elements come together: powerful electronic bass, exquisite wind tones, squawking free jazz horns, and Moor Mother’s poetry as instrument of a welcome future.

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