Hearts of Darknesses: Music for Drunk Driving

Schematic, 2004

Music For Drunk Driving cover

Hearts of Darknesses is from the Otto Von Schirach school of Schematic. This is great news for fans of harsh, juvenile electro-punk, but not for this humble reviewer. Although I understand the appeal of grating, stuttering electronics, screamed vocals tend to grate on me. Frankie Musarra’s falsetto tantrums bounce from channel to channel over primitive, choppy synths, scattered beats, and occasional electric guitar. The combination is almost headache-inducing. Granted, I’m not a punk connoisseur, but I can’t recommend this release. I’m glad Schematic is branching out, but I’d best stick to the less strident artists on their roster.

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  1. jacob, c’mon, we need some harsh shit in these post-nipple times. there’s a few heads need wakin’ up. 😉

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