Duran Duran Duran: Very Pleasure

Cock Rock Disco/Very Friendly, 2004

“Épater le bourgeois,” screams the cover and interior artwork of this first release on the brand new, Jason Forrest-instigated Cock Rock Disco label.

The first full-length from Duran Duran Duran is a beat-driven nine-track wagonload of decomposed pop gurgles, mashed-up hip-hop circumvolutions, and bastardized reductionist hardcore. This is breakcore going all over the place—chaotic production meets anarchic execution, with great results.

In “I Hate the 80s,” distorted and reverberated drum fuckery rips up an ’80s hit melody. “Manrammer” (Duran Duran Duran excels in track titling) is a tornado of drums that spins out of its axis to swallow an Ace of Base hit in its wake. “Hard Girls” is ragga-core of the best quality and depravity, and there’s a hidden delight for the audio terrorists that will (luckily) repulse any hardheaded thrash metal fan.

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