Bvdub: Dreams of Red Chambers

Quietus, 2008

Dreams of Red Chambers cover

Bvdub’s latest CD-R sees him straying farther from the dub techno mold where so many other artists seem to be stuck. These tracks are slow and ambient, but they are obviously influenced by the sound of early nineties techno. “Different Place Different Time” is beatless and pretty, with a female vocal snippet panning over fuzzily distorted synths. “12 Degrees” is slow and sensuous, with Detroit-friendly synthesizer pulses over a background hiss. “Every Day It’s The Same” has more warm electronics over a broken beat. It’s perfect listening for a summer afternoon. A male voice chimes in near the end. It seems almost IDM in style. Last but not least, “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone” is familiar-sounding, with waves of soft distortion breaking on a keyboard beach. I find this EP incredibly soothing.

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