Boulderdash: We Never Went to Koxut Island

Artelier, 2000

We Never Went to Koxut Island cover

Is Boulderdash Sweden’s answer to Boards of Canada? No, this LP’s more consistently sweet than any release BoC’s put out to date. There is more raw emotion in “Window of Opportunity” on Boulderdash’s We Never Went to Koxut Island than in all the Music Has the Right to Children fillers combined. The bass is clear and punchy, the melodies subtle but catchy, and the mood is like a hot summer day. There are both chill-out and dance-out tracks on this LP, and all of the compositions are fully realized (read: just the right length). There’s something refreshing about the lack of vocal samples too. These fellows are most definitely confident in their art, and lucky is the listener who purchases their masterpiece.

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