Various: Word Become Flesh

Hermetech, 2002

Word Become Flesh cover

I believe we’re in the midst of a melodic IDM renaissance. This is the latest small label comp. to get regular rotation in my CD player. All seventeen artists are new to me. Eu’s “Everlong” is soft and downtempo, while Multiplex’s “After1” seems synth pop-inspired. Other highlights include “Cradle” by Ibrahim Alfa, a dramatic track with tasty beats, “Purple Fig” by Up 2 No Good, with childlike playfulness reminiscent of The Orb, and “American Revolution” by Hope of the States, which mixes an eerie theremin melody with acoustic instruments.

Some tracks succumb to self-conscious noodling (and in one case, high-pitched ear torture), but for the most part this is a truly enjoyable collection. Another new label to keep an eye on.

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