While: Even

Chocolate Industries, 2000

Even cover

Unfortunately While’s Even is anything but. Although there’s some great music here, it’s interspersed with muddled meandering. Luckily the good tracks are veritable masterpieces. “Bin” is one of the finest cuts I’ve heard in a while (pun intended) with clicking and clacking under a complex melody. Near the end of the track things start getting really interesting. “Shape” sounds very Autechresque, but a fine original melody keeps it from being a copy-cat piece. “Hive” is a gorgeous layering of sounds that builds into a crescendo of electronic chattering. “Lost” is also made up of lush, beautiful layers. Finally, “Moth” serves as a finale with soft staticky tones drifting off into space.

I do recommend this disc, but be prepared to skip over some tracks on future listens. While is proof that the prolific progress rapidly. Just a little quality control would make these releases much more spectacular.

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