Various: Vibon 2: Blip-Pop Click

TBTMO, 2003

Vibon 2: Blip-Pop Click cover

All of the artists on this compilation are new to me, but that doesn’t mean their music isn’t top-quality. Satellite Grooves kicks things off with a downtempo, melodic track called “Stars Fell in Love.” Phasmid follows suit with the retro-sounding “Push the Button.” Next, Cerebral’s “Heartglitch” combines a music box-like mini-melody with sophisticated beats and echoey washes. The track slowly builds by the layer, becoming more than the sum of its parts. Spintronic is up next, with an off-beat combination of glitch, downtempo, and acid influences. Also of note is Transient’s vibrant “Tymewerm” which closes out the collection. This is a good stuff. According to a brief liner note, most of these artists hearken from Philadelphia where they play at Hologram. This CD definitely puts TBTMO on my radar. It’s chock-full of melodies and new ideas, and it’s an incredibly enjoyable listen.

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  1. I agree. Awesome release. Very melodic, soothing sounds, with just the right amount of crunchy beats. And for the price, $6, you can’t go wrong. I also recommend the first “Vibon” CD, as well.

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