Vast Aire: “Look Mom… No Hands”

Chocolate Industries, 2003

Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox teams up with producer Madlib for the A-side of this gritty new 12″. Over a snare-heavy dance beat swimming in synths, Vast Aire disses “sucka MCs” in a short, rambling battle rhyme. On the B-side, Cryptic produces “Why Is the Sky Blue?” Vast Aire’s lyrics tell whole stories while Cryptic’s beats are big, tense, and attention-grabbing. Pulses of distorted strings are right out of a horror movie. Chocolate Industries continues to bolster its track record with the most solid hip-hop this side of the ’90s.

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  1. this album is gonna be off the foreskin. just look at the production list fool!

  2. lets drop another gem on the world vast…. holla at yo boy ,,ayatollah.

  3. dropitlikeitshot!

    wow……vast is ahead of his time…to much talent for people to handle!

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