Ulrich Schnauss: Goodbye

Domino, 2007

Goodbye cover

This release is a huge disappointment. Schnauss’ Far Away Trains Passing By on City-Centre-Offices was a last-minute addition to my 2001 top ten list, but after repeated listens I decided it was too simplistic to keep. This is Schnauss’ third album, and it is New Age rock pop chillout with singers throughout. On the opening track, “Never Be the Same,” chords build and wash out without ever forming a solid melody. On “Shine,” three male vocalists and a couple of guitarists contribute to a heart-felt but light-weight ballad. Excessive reverb seems more muddy than moody. “Stars” is similarly muffled, with live drums dissolving into echo chamber hell. Even the singing (in English) is difficult to decipher. “In Between Years” wavers between channels but otherwise it’s probably the subtlest composition. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” has Philip Glass-like pulses, but they are offset by more murky drumming and voices. By the soggy guitar feedback of “Medusa” I’m ready to through this CD out the window.

I almost feel bad being so hard on this album, since it was obviously an emotional project for Schnauss. Unfortunately, this is the type of music which I do my best to block out when it’s inevitably played at certain clothing and tea stores. It lacks any sort of experimental or original edge, becoming simply shallow background sound.

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  1. wow, harsh. A friend recently sent me this, but I havent been able to check it out yet. What I did hear sounded very very ambient, and aquatic sounding. I would of thought his natural progression would have been more pop structures… oh well.

  2. I totally disagree with this review. Its just as good as the first two albums although I hate track #8

  3. I find this review confusing – this is clearly the best of the three album has released under his own name. If you need a thumping 4/4 beat in every tune you hear, you will not like this record, however, if you are prepared to actually listen and enjoy deep, lush sounds, this album will instantly be among your favourites. Ulrich’s wall of sound reaches epic proportions on this album. The irony of this record is that by pushing the boundaries, Ulrich Schnauss has actually produced his most memorable and commercial album.

  4. Depending on what you prefer most you may like it more that the others two albums. But Schnauss, starting from the very high standards achieves what almost nobody is able to, what makes him and all the three albums the top of the range. I personally preferred “Isolated…” more than this new one, but you cannot deny songs like “Goodbye” follow a brilliant melody pattern and technique that only he is able to. Again, he is a brilliant artist. Just think he is overproducing too much every single track. It’s so many lays of sound, that most of them get lost on the way and I’m only able to listen to it properly with my headphones. Keep on it Ulrich!!!

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