The Tuss: Rushup Edge

Rephlex, 2007

Rushup Edge cover

Billed as a mystery artist, credited to “Karen Tregaskin,” and rumored to be AFX-related, The Tuss’s music is indeed very Analord-esque. These are stomping, funky, complex tracks. On “Synthacon 9,” old-school synths chug along. Filtered washes and vocoder voices lend a Detroit feel as the track progresses beautifully over a full six minutes. “Shiz Ko E” is even more lush, with warped notes and melodic digressions. On “Rushup I Bank 12,” piano flits over tape-stretched synths and snare breakbeats. It’s actually quite exciting. “Goodbye Rute” is a bittersweet, bass-heavy finale. This mini-album is great fun.

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